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Praise for Horn-Horn

Allie, Goodreads:

“One of those books where you go back and re-read it and it's a whole other book.”

Aaron, Goodreads:

“There's a whacky style to this book that I found refreshing in this young adult age of dystopian misery-guts. Bring on more like it, I say. I hope to hear more from this new series.”

Ginny Briggs:

“It kept me guessing until literally the very last sentence of the book. What a terrific read! I hope this gets the recognition it sorely deserves.”

Pete Glass, Goodreads:

“The writing in this Jasper Fforde-inspired novel is uplifting.”

Vira, Goodreads:

“Lots of fun and hilarity, with a biting wit at the centre of it all. Don't let the goofy nature fool you though, as this is quite the mystery within a mystery.”

Caster Overnewton:

“Space opera meets Twin Peaks.”

Shelley Long:

“It's got everything. Humour, heartbreak, small-town oddities, the supernatural, and a charmingly deceitful innocence to its first half.”

Malwina Ricohard:

“I'd recommend for people who love the rebellious in nature, and who love their modern stories doused in an array of intense, sometimes scary, supernatural.”

Gail, Goodreads:

“This is like a really perverse Miss. Marple mystery, if somebody had injected the old bat with steroids and hallucinogenics.”

Lucianne, Goodreads:

“It reads like a classic novel. The narrator has such a witty elegance to her voice of reason in this whacky setting, you can't help relate to every woe she suffers.”

Jackie Perotta:

“I engulfed this in two days, then went back and reread it all again.”

Cho Gellar, Goodreads:

“Try reading this on a train and looking like a normal human being. I ugly cry-laughed reading this phenomenal behemoth.”

Ceara, CearaHasNoLife:

“Let me just say, this is my all time favorite fantasy book. There is plot twist after plot twist which makes for an amazing read.”

Leo McBride, Altered Instinct:

“As a YA tale, it's great in terms of the details of teenage life that it paints. I'm not sure I'd want the snark and the details of teenage life to be slimmed down, though, because they're the best thing about this book.”

Melonie Purcell:

“Wonderful premise for a story.”

Alyssa Whicker, Goodreads:

“Not since Lewis Carroll has there been such an unusual story unleashed upon the world.”

E.M. Swift-Hook:

“This is a YA fantasia for those who are looking for something totally unique and who enjoy books where fantasy and reality collide full on in an explosion of stars!”

Tamara Presley, Goodreads:

“The f***ing bee's knees.”

James McDonald:

“Got to be the most original book out there.”