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When teenage loner Cassie Gellar moves with her hippie parents to the seaside town of Horn-Horn, she finds herself at odds with the battling cliques at her new school.

There’s Eleanore Parker, Principal’s daughter and social butterfly. Then there’s Hayley and the ‘backseater’ misfits.

But there’s also Zag, a shackled little boy she finds hiding in the woods. Where is he from, and why does he have a giant woman and a white moose chasing after him?

Cassie finds herself catapulted into a world of magic and danger, one where nothing is ever as it seems and nobody is to be trusted.

Full of intelligent comedy, fantasy and horror, the constantly evolving town of ‘Horn-Horn’ proves that friendship and family can transcend even space and time itself.

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Plus, available now: the exciting sequel: ‘Horn-Horn, Cracked’!

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