autumn cold

Flu season

I’m knee-deep in snot. That’s pretty gross, I know, and I shouldn’t advertise it. But it’s the truth. One of the things that my little town suffers from during this peak Autumn season is a major influx of tourists, all of whom I’m sure bring with them a vast array of different germs from across the globe. So thank you, travelling strangers!

As a writer, though, it’s given me a bit more down time to focus on the editing process. And while that’s all well and good, I’ve also randomly scoped through the first book in my Horn-Horn series, and… low and behold… I’ve found a spelling error.

Now keep this in mind:

I edited that damn book for five years straight before getting it published. I went over it with a fine-tooth comb. To discover a spelling mistake after re-reading the whole thing eight billion times astounds me, and it’s given me a new outlook on the matter. Whenever I spot a mistake in books, I turn my nose up at them.

I guess I shouldn’t!