Personal Thoughts

Flu season

I’m knee-deep in snot. That’s pretty gross, I know, and I shouldn’t advertise it. But it’s the truth. One of the things that my little town suffers from during this peak Autumn season is a major influx of tourists, all of whom I’m sure bring with them a vast array of different germs from across the globe. So thank you, travelling strangers!

As a writer, though, it’s given me a bit more down time to focus on the editing process. And while that’s all well and good, I’ve also randomly scoped through the first book in my Horn-Horn series, and… low and behold… I’ve found a spelling error.

Now keep this in mind:

I edited that damn book for five years straight before getting it published. I went over it with a fine-tooth comb. To discover a spelling mistake after re-reading the whole thing eight billion times astounds me, and it’s given me a new outlook on the matter. Whenever I spot a mistake in books, I turn my nose up at them.

I guess I shouldn’t!

Hello, world

Well, despite the fact I’m a writer, I’ve never quite understood the appeal of blogging. Nobody’s interested in my day-to-day life, surely? I’m not that interesting. Besides, that’s what Instagram is for! But due to the ever-mounting suggestions, I’ve decided to dive head first. So here we are.

With a little bit of luck and time, you’ll find the strange inner-workings of my mind here.

So what am I doing today? Well, it’s 9am and I’m sitting in the living room with my laptop, trackies on, trying to warm up (it’s about ten degrees). Stressing greatly about what the heck I’m supposed to write about here. They say in the articles not to ramble, but I feel that is like telling a blind man on a boat to see the wave coming.

Horn-Horn, Cracked is taking up most of my time. I accidentally spent eight hours yesterday editing it. I’m still not comfortable deciding on a release date yet, but when I do make it public knowledge it will likely only be a few weeks away.

Keep checking here for updates, and until next time…

- A.D. T.