Who I’d cast

I’m the kind of person who likes to imagine actors and people I know as characters in books I read. Naturally, I have done the same with Horn-Horn. Here is who, in a perfect world, would be cast today.

Cassie: Dafne Keen

Annie: Elle Fanning

Brendan: Noah Jupe

Lesley: Betty Gilpin

Ichabod: Eric Stonestreet

Eleanore Parker: Veronika Bonell

Hayley Gauche: Maya Hawke

JT Walker: Tyrel Jackson Williams

Greg Cooper: Jack Mulhern

Wednesday Shalom: Storm Reid

Friday Sheppard: Sophia Lillis

Ms. Weiss: Susan Sarandon

Eric Parker: Josh Stamberg

Tanya Tanner: Peyton Kennedy

Zag: Jacob Tremblay

Chloe Croxley: Joan Cusack

Candice Croxley: Rachel Weisz

Ms. Berry: Olivia Colman

Pothosia: Reese Witherspoon

Ursula: Laura Dern

Duke Wilson: Robert Duvall

So there you have it! In case you needed some help imagining them, that’s where I’m at in picturing them in 2019.