The 'OTHER EARTH' details of Horn-Horn

The town of Horn-Horn is located on a planet almost identical to our Earth. It began the same, but as the continents separated and shifted about the globe, on their planet they went their different ways. Therefore the map of Earth in Horn-Horn’s schools is very different.


There are MANY similarities, and this is where things get complicated/interesting. Too many people have critiqued my work, stating them as flaws, but they are simply additions for the keen eye.

  1. The country that Horn-Horn is a part of is not the United States. It is, in fact, a mixture of the US, the United Kingdom, and Australia. That is why you will find many similarities between those three countries. The traditional way of spelling things, cheerleaders, UK landmarks in rather odd places, and most surprising… Salem, Massachusetts is on the west coast of this country, instead of the east coast.

  2. Prejudices are still there on the other Earth, but different. Not so much racism (although there is some), and the term homophobia has really not even been coined.

  3. Technology differs. In some cases, they are far ahead of us. Such as being able to stream television from wifi instead of through airwaves. Cellular phones are commonplace.

  4. Their history is different to ours. Many things, such as celebrities, movies, music and so forth still remain exactly the same over there, but then so much is missing, or changed. For instance, the French Revolution happened a decade earlier on this planet. Avril Lavigne debuts in 2001 instead of 2002. September 11 never happened.

  5. Despite the different continents, some countries still exist in their full capacity. France, Italy, New Zealand… But others are now a collective part of a continent. The name of the continents will never be revealed in the series.

If you’re smart enough to pick up on the clues throughout the Horn-Horn novels, it’s a fun little addition to a very complicated world.