A. D. T. McLellan was born Alastair David Thomas von Templeton the Third, on a snowy London’s eve when the saucy minx known as Margaret Thatcher ruled the kingdom.

Born into an aristocratic family almost entirely slain in the 1700’s, Alastair showed signs of a flair for writing from an early age — he wrote his first grade teacher a four page letter detailing her on where to go.

During his secondary education, Alastair found himself uninspired by his curriculum and decided to write his own stories… resulting in two thorny concoctions which would later turn themselves into Horn-Horn.

His late teens and early twenties brought along a sudden obsession with the world in which he’d created; Alastair went so far as to write twelve monstrously sized adventures in the fictional seaside town.

It wasn’t until his early thirties — after years of successfully touring with the alt-rock music band Hooley Dooleys — that he decided to revisit his old stories and spruce them up a bit in order to share them with the public. 2017 came with the release of Horn-Horn, bringing tremendous success and credibility to its author.

Taking a break in 2018, he focused again on his music, releasing his first commercial success as singer-songwriter Tommy Lellan. Head in the Clouds soared to the top of the adult contemporary charts and was hailed by critics as ‘something'.

Tommy, or A. D. T. as he prefers to be known by friends, is currently slaving away on a sequel to Horn-Horn, entitled ‘Horn-Horn, Cracked’. It is scheduled to be released around Halloween 2019. Unless it’s not. These things take time, you see.

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